October results

Do you remember, I wrote a tasklist for October? I decided to sum up all I have done during the previous month, and I really wanted to share the results with you, especially because it was my first such tasklist.

Things I have done


Photowalk in Old Tallinn

Some time ago I discovered one photoblogger from Ukraine, Uliana Kucherenko. Her blog constists mostly of photos, but the blogger also give many useful tips in photography and each months she organizes flashmobes called "Photowalk". I wanted to participate in a flashmobe for a long time, but didn't get to it.


October list

October is one of my favourite months. It is autumn's golden stage: delightful colours everywhere, the sun is still warming the air and is still seen more often and the days are not yet too short. This is the time to admire autumn sunsets, time to watch the rain sitting at home by the window, covered with blancket with a cup of flavored hot tea, and to think about something.

Love Me Do Autumn Fair returns!

LMD winter 2018. Photo: Marissa Tammisalo

Today I want to make a small announcement. Wedding fair Love Me Do has been organized in Finland for the last four years. It is the most tremendous event concerning weddings and fashion in Helsinki. Usually, the fair takes place twice a year: in winter and in autumn...

Bon voyage!

Photo: Igor Pisarev

Here is the moment I have waited for so long. Finally, my blog is ready to start!

Here is the moment I have waited for so long. Finally, my blog is ready to start! :) The idea running an independant personal blog came to my mind about half a year ago. But back then I was so busy with my studies, work and practise, ...