Tantamareski in Helsinki!

Photo is from archive of theatre Tantamareski
Do you ask yourself sometimes how to spend your week-end with kids and where to go with them? If so, I have news for you. Theatre Tantamareski is coming to Helsinki from Saint Petersburg. On October 7th at 11.00 and 13.00 will be held two musical plays. Both plays will take place at Pihlajamäki youth centre (Pihlajamäen nuorisotalo) on Moreenintie 2, Helsinki. I met theatre Tantamareski two years ago. It was a play "Pinocchio", based on the Italian children's novel "The Adventures of Pinocchio" by Carlo Collody. It was also love at first sight. Theatre Tantamareski attracted me with its professionalism and the ability to immerse the spectators in the tale. Ever since, I try to attend its every play here.
Play "Pinocchio", the actors from left to right: Natalia Korobeinikova, Viktoria Melnikova, Olga Zayceva, Irina Zimina and Aleksei Polishuk

Shortly about the play. It is musical and play performance, a fairy-tale game for all family. You can read about it more on Facebook, the information is in Russian. The play is recommended for the children above 3 years of age. The duration of the performance is 50 minutes. You can book the tickets from Family Centre "Maria".

We have already visited five plays from this theatre and honeslty, we haven't regretted not once. They have fabulous costumes, amazing special effects, wonderful acting. It is interesting, funny, sometimes sad and even a bit scary at their plays. :) And all their plays are interactive! The actors communicate with the little spectators with pleasure and sometimes even ask kids to participate in play. :) My son is very fond of their plays and is waiting eagerly for the next one. I strongly recommend it! You may read my review about Tantamareski on my old blog "Handicraft - the world I live in" here and one from here.

This post is not ordered, it is not an advertisement of Family Centre "Maria", nor the theatre Tantamareski. The post is only informative. I, being a mother in immigration, am looking for possible cultural events in Russian for children, as they get to attend Finnish events more than enough. Sometimes, I meet here Russian kids who speak their mother-language with an accent. It makes me sad. I don't want my children to start speaking with accent one day. It is very important to me that they know Russian and that they attend Russian-speaking events. I am sure, I am not the only one here. Therefore, if this post will be useful for at least one person, it means, I have fulfilled my mission. :)

See you on a play! ;) P.S. The play is in Russian.

  1. И мой любимый театр! Мы были на 2 спектаклях, и это действительно любовь! Я на спектакле про Пеппи сама всплакнула. А Стёпа захотел прочитать книгу. Настоящие профессионалы!

    1. Я, к сожалению, на Пеппи не попала, туда ходили муж с сыном. Малая заболела, поэтому я не смогла пойти.
      Надеюсь, они ещё с Пеппи приедут, хочется всё же и этот спектакль посмотреть.


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