October list

October is one of my favourite months. It is autumn's golden stage: delightful colours everywhere, the sun is still warming the air and is still seen more often and the days are not yet too short. This is the time to admire autumn sunsets, time to watch the rain sitting at home by the window, covered with blanket with a cup of flavored hot tea, and to think about something. To dream...make plans...and wait...wait for the first snow to come, wait for winter to come...and Christmas...my favourite and most magical holiday.

But this is going to happen in future. Meanwhile, I am going to enjoy October and autumn. I found the idea to make a tasklist from my favourite blogger Elena Anikushina. She described her ideas so nicely, I decided to try and do something like that, for I have never made any such lists before. If you are interested, you may read Elena's ideas in her post "31 ideas for October". But it's in Russian, so probably you'll have to use Google translate. :D I represent you my tasklist below. :)

My 31 October ideas

1. Listen to the silence (taking into account my work and presence of small kids at home, the wish to listen to the silence comes to me quite often). :)

2. Collect the bouquet of autumn leaves.

3. Enjoy the sound of falling rain.

4. Do some cross-stitch to the forest sounds (on the youtube).

5. Drink flavored hot tea, surely green!

6. Feel myself Cinderella at the ball (this refers to one special event). :)

7. Go to the theatre and enjoy the play.

8. Cuddle in bed with my cat, burying my nose in his fur. :)

9. Read a book, being covered with blanket.

10. Go for a walk to the forest and pick there some tasty mushrooms, or simply enjoy the nature sounds and fresh forest smell.

11. Spend the time with my beloved ones, be with them and not to think about anything else.

12. Rewatch trilogy "The Lord of the Rings". Somehow, I associate it with autumn.

13. Write a post, the topic doesn't matter, the main point is that it is full of inspiration and that it will give the readers possitive emotions.

14. Visit a restaurant I have never been to before, taste some new dish.

15. Walk by the sea, be charged by its energy, let the wind tousle my hair.

16. Prepare pumpkin cream soup in the oven.

17. Make some new greeting cards. Let the fantasy flow.

18. Sleep longer in the morning, wrapped in a blanket. For example till 10 o'clock...and even 11. :) But that is rather unreal. :)

19. Sit in a cafe, choose the table by the window and watch the passersby, and at the same time be eating some tasty cake and drinking flavored tea or coffee.

20. Write some short story about autumn, publish it on my blog.

21. Visit someone, spend some nice time in a nice company.

22. Try out the antistress colouring book and find out whether it is true that it helps with relaxation and stress relief. :)

23. Visit a swimming pool or a SPA, enjoy the water and feel myself a mermaid. :)

24. Hang a bird house on a tree.

25. Visit hair salon and have my hair cut.

26. Visit aquarium with my family, admire the sea inhabitants.

27. Invite someone to our place.

28. Decorate our home for Halloween with the kids.

29. Arrange a candlelight dinner, enjoy the romantic atmosphere, the red wine and the sounds of saxophone are definitely required. :)

30. Play a boardgame.

31. Party Halloween in some costume. :)

Here are my interesting, in my opinion, October plans. :) I really hope that all of them will come true. Actually, I would like to slow down in October, settle down and relax. I wish to stop living in a constant rush not noticing the days and weeks passing by. I wish to not just be, but I wish to live. Live, appreciating every single moment of my life and enjoying it. Live, noticing the small details around us and feeling happy about them just like children feel happy about the first snowflakes.

And what are your plans or ideas for this autumn? Write me in the comments or via e-mail ilona@blognote.fi. I will read your answers with pleasure. I will also appreciate if you share your pumpkin recipes with me. :)

P.S. I am 20 years old on the photos. :)

  1. Илона, какой замечательный, уютный и позитивный список у тебя получился! Очень рада, что смогла тебя вдохновить! И, надеюсь, пару пунктов мы с тобой вместе выполним 🙂

    1. Большое спасибо! 🙂 Вдохновила ты меня, как следует. 🙂
      Будет очень здорово, если что-то из списка мы выполним вместе. 😉

  2. 32. Устроить фотопрогулку — погулять по любимым местам и пофотографировать 😉

    1. Уже записала себе этот пункт! 🙂 Как раз на днях зарядила аккумулятор и освободила карту памяти, так что можно взять камеру с собой и пофотографировать. 🙂

  3. Everything is possible, really liked your plans/ideas. Btw, making good photos is one of my plans(as soon as my new cam.arrives)

    Hot choc is just perfect when sitting next to the fire.

    1. Thank you! I am glad you liked my post! 🙂 You have great plans! Good luck!
      I’d like to learn how to make nice photos myself. But first, I have to get my driving license 🙂
      Yeah, hot choc is great! 🙂

  4. Чудесные намерения! Еще пикник с близкими под желто-красном деревом.

    1. Большое спасибо! 🙂 Да, пикник под деревом в осенних красках — это отличная идея! Надо будет тоже воплотить в жизнь. 🙂
      Спасибо за идею!

  5. Илона, как очаровательный октябрьский пост! Ещё и на 2 языках! Супер! Очень уютно у тебя в блоге!

    1. Большое спасибо! 🙂 Мне очень приятно! Рада, что и другим нравится у меня в блоГноте. 🙂


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