October results

Do you remember, I wrote a tasklist for October? I decided to sum up all I have done during the previous month, and I really wanted to share the results with you, especially because it was my first such tasklist.

Things I have done

As it was expected, I didn't complete all the tasks from my list for nobody cancelled the unexpected circumstances. Still, I have done most of the things, especially the easy ones. I listened to the silence, I enjoyed the sound of falling rain, went for a walk to the forest where I gathered mushrooms, and many other things.

I also watched the director's cuts of the first two parts of "The Lord of the Rings" (I am going to watch the final part in November), cross-stitched to the forest sounds on youtube and read a book, being covered with blanket. It was a childrens' book, though. I still have to read my own. :)

Then, I played for the first time a boardgame EXIT the game — The Sunken Treasure. This is not an ordinary boardgame. It reminds of the quest-room, the only difference is that you do not get locked up in a room for an hour. I really enjoyed the game. Later, I am going to write my review of the game.

I managed to make only one greeting card, but I got a lot of pleasure from making it. This is my first greeting card that was made by using a certain pattern. There was organized one joint project "Perfect greeting card" on Instagram last summer. The participants were given a pattern with the explanation of what components where should be in a card. Unfortunately, the project was run during my vacation in Estonia and I couldn't take part in it, for all my machines and materials were left at home. But I promised myself to make a card using the suggested pattern. And now I've done it. :)

In addition to all described above, I finally did something I wanted to do long ago, namely - cut my hair. I have had long hair for more than 6 years. Sometimes during this period I cut some 10-15 cm, but every time I continued to grow my hair. But the last year I decided - enough! I was determined to cut them, but I was totally out of time (and sometimes out of memory :D ) to make an appointment for a haircut. I don't know, how long I would postpone this, if suddenly I didn't realize that I had made a braid for the last 6 years every single day! Terrible, isn't it?

I started making a braid since my first baby was born, when he started to tear my hair. The braid was my salvation. My kid didn't tear my hair only when they were in a braid. Therefore, it became my new best friend. I even slept with a braid! When my son grew older, I continued braiding my hair just out of habit. Then my daughter was born and everything repeated. Now there is no one to tear my hair and I can simply be with flowing hair. I had my hairdcut done in Tallinn, at my hairdresser's beauty saloon. It is very hard for me to find a suitable person who I could trust my hair (this concerns precisely haircut), this is why I had to wait for my another trip to my homeland.

I couldn't wait for our trip to Estonia for I was already so sick of both braid and long hair. When the hairdresser asked me how I wanted to cut my hair, I told her I didn't care as long as I get rid of the braid. The hairdresser suggested me one haircut and I liked it. We cut about 30 cm of dry and lifeless hair. And I didn't feel pity at all. I was very happy that moment! Now it is so easy to wash, dry and brush my hair. Those who have cut that much hair at least once, will understand me. :)

One more task in the list was to feel myself Cinderella at the ball. Fortunately, I could do that as well, although I nearly missed the chance due to my child's illness. You can read my Cinderella story here. It was amazing! I still think about it with joy. :) I also had a chance to visit two new restaurants I have never been to: one was Cuban restaurant in Tallinn - Cubanita , the other was Georgian restaurant in Helsinki - Grand Georgia . I visited the other one due to the Facebook group "All about Finland" meeting. I have to say, that this group played a very important role in my life. Namely, thanks to the group's administrator Maria Antoshulskaya I've become a blogger.

Two years ago (my first blog turned 2 years on November 6th) I started to run a blog on the informational website about Finland intofinland.ru. At first I thought it to be a blog about handicraft, so I named it "Handicraft - the world I live in". But somehow I began to write also about many other things too. Now, two years from then, I decided to run my own independent blog. My old blog is still active, I am also planning to write there from time to time. It's in Russian, but you can still visit it if you like and try to read something there, here is the link.

Pleasant surprises

October was also full of pleasant surprises. I noticed one interesting thing. Our thoughts are material. Of course, I used to think that way before, but in October I was convinced of this once again - our thoughts are actually material! Have you ever heard about making a wish map? This is when you draw or write your wishes for example on a paper in order to make them come true. I have never made such maps, but I noticed that my blog post about plans for October turned out to be a sort of a wish map.

Due to my child's illness, I couldn't complete several tasks. For example, to go to the theatre. When I made my list, I presumed that we would go to see a play of Tantamareski theatre with my son, I wrote about it before . Unfortunately, I couldn't go there, for I had to stay with my little girl, and my son went to see the play with his father. There were no other chance to complete the task. Then I returned to work after vacation and found out on Monday that we would go to the theatre from work. That was quite a surprise! By the way, this was the first play I saw in Finnish. It was really great! I liked it a lot. I will write about it my bloGnote later for sure. :)

The actors of Unga theatre in Espoo.

The other task from the list I didn't expect to complete for the same reason was to visit spa. How it turned out: it was our last day of vacation in Estonia, it was Saturday, the next day we had to go back to Finland on a ferry. Our friends came to visit us and proposed to go to spa with them after we put the kids to bed (the spa was supposed to be open till 2 a.m.). That was really unexpected! Of course, we said yes! We had perfect time in spa. This was the best vacation ending ever! Later, I will write about that spa as well, we really liked it.

I can say, those were miracles! I even got to sleep till 11 a.m., although I wrote that this was something unlikely to happen. Now I am thinking pretty seriously about making a proper wish map on a paper. I really recommend you to write down your clear wishes. The request will be sent to the universe and the universe will help to make the wish come true.

One more unexpected pleasant thing happened to me. I met one my reader offline. She read my post about the October list and decided to make me a present. There were a task in the list that I wanted to try out the antistress colouring book. So, I received one such colouring book with pencils and tasty green tea as a gift. Darling, I am sure, you are reading this, thank you one more time for such a lovely surprise!

I tried out the colouring book and I liked it. There are many small elements on one picture that need to be coloured. The pictures are very nice. Once you start, it is hard to stop. It's a bit difficult to say anything about the stress relief, but it really helps to relax. :)

The tasks left undone

As I already have said in the beginning, I couldn't complete all the tasks from my list. I am planning to complete the rest in November. I didn't complete 6 tasks out of 31, which is quite good result.

For example, I haven't walked by the sea. I have to do it before winter comes. I also haven't prepared the pumpkin cream soup in October. For some reason, there were no pumpkins in the nearest food store. It took me some time to find a pumpkin. Actually, I already have prepared it. I did it last week. I will try to write the recipe as soon as possible. It was really good!

Unfortunately, I haven't written a story about autumn, but it's not yet over, right? I still have time for that in November. The bird house is also waiting for its time. I cannot find a good place where to hang it. Where I wanted to hang the bird house, the shrubs were cut, so I cannot hang it there anymore. So, I have to think...We also haven't visited the aquarium yet, but we are going there soon. A candlelight dinner will also take place in November.

I still have to read my OWN book, being covered with blanket, watch the final part of "The Lord of the Rings" and visit a cafe in order to eat there a cake. Therefore, November seems to be also an interesting month full of different events. :)


In conclusion, I would like to say that October was really interesting and that many things happened in one month. But the most important thing is that although I had plenty of things to do that month, I, nevertheless, fulfilled the main goal - I relaxed and settled down. Although I was quite busy, I still stopped to rush. The October turned out exactly the way I wanted it to be. Now I have to make sure I do not rush in this month. :)

And now please tell me in comments or send me an e-mail on the address ilona@blognote.fi about your October. What interesting or maybe even unusual have you done that month? Maybe you have visited some place? Or maybe you have discovered some new hobby? Please, write me. I will be very happy to receive your letters and comments and I will answer every one of you. :)

  1. Какой у тебя шикарный октябрь!
    Я в октябре съездила в Харьков впервые за много лет, и попробовала себя в качестве помощника фотографа. Тоже было насыщенно и интересно 😉

    1. Да, месяц выдался потрясающий, не зря я его люблю. 🙂
      Здорово! Я в Харькове никогда не была.
      А помощник фотографа — это, наверное, очень интересно! 🙂
      Кстати, хочу пойти на курсы фотографа, чтобы научиться красиво снимать свои работы. 🙂

  2. Илона! Какой активный октябрь! Как же это здорово! Театр, чтение, фильмы! Встреча с читательницей и подарок — это волшебно! Не передаваемые ощущения. Я тоже встречалась два раза с читательницами и тоже получила приятные сюрпризы и общение! Это не передаваемо!а какая красивая открытка! С удовольствием почитаю твой блог-старичок! А какую книгу ты хочешь почитать? Желаю тебе уютного ноября, размеренного и приятного!

    1. Спасибо! Это я ещё не всё рассказала. 🙂 Я и в кино ходила, про фотопрогулку не написала, а ещё как Хеллоуин отметили. 🙂 Короче, много всего было. 🙂
      Что почитать? Хороший вопрос. 🙂 Я так давно ничего не читала… 🙁 Что «позовёт», то и буду читать. 🙂

  3. Шикарный октябрь! Молодец, что поделилась! Вообще считаю, что подводить вот такие итоги очень важно. Ведь начинаешь понимать, что многое успелось и месяц был насыщенным! Пусть и ноябрь будет отличным!

    1. Спасибо! 🙂 Да, ты права! Подводить итоги надо. Помимо того, что ты понимаешь, что ты успел сделать, ты ещё и не так теряешься во времени. 🙂

  4. Илона! Так держать — список желаний — он, как материализуется, так и структурирует. Вообще, когда больше порядка, то и многое не нервирует. Я обычно пишу примерный список на месяц, затем на неделю, ну и если день должен выдаться сложным, то и на день. Согласую месяц с личным гороскопом и все равно стараюсь делать, то что нужно. Это очень настраивает, мотивирует. А, внешние помехи и проблемы здоровья — они всегда рядом… Отношусь к этому философски. Раз так, и никак иначе — значит тому быть. Спасибо Тебе за своё виденье своей жизни. Очень важно не плыть по течению, а управлять своей жизнью, своей Судьбой. А она у Тебя будет явно неординарной, со своим колоритом… говорю тебе,
    как астропсихолог. Удачных свершений в дальнейшем, тоже Илона и тоже из Таллина.

    1. Большое спасибо за столь развёрнутый комментарий! 🙂
      Очень интересно было почитать. Я теперь тоже стараюсь писать списки, но не дольше, чем на месяц. Согласна с тем, что это настраивает и мотивирует, это, действительно, так.
      Спасибо ещё раз! 🙂
      А я не знала, что Вы астропсихолог…

  5. Какой насыщенный месяц! У меня октябрь «домашним» был, т.к. до этого больше 2х месяцев была в разъездах. Надо доделать дела в ноябре и снова в поездку!

    1. «Домашний» — тоже очень хорошо, особенно когда до этого в разъездах были. 🙂
      Поездки дальние?

  6. Классный пост! И такой насыщенный месяц) я до недавнего времени тоже делала такие посты у себя в блоге slowsoul.ru

    1. Спасибо! 🙂 А я вот только сейчас стала пробовать писать такие посты. 🙂
      Обязательно зайду к вам в блог и почитаю. 🙂

  7. Здорово! Я начала тоже подводить итоги месяца, а ведь, правда, хорошо еще и составлять план на месяц)

    1. Спасибо! 🙂 Да, планы тоже хорошо составлять. Это мотивирует. 🙂

  8. Замечательный октябрь! Столько событий! Полезная практика – фиксировать их, надо тоже попробовать.
    Насчет окончания осени – ты права, еще ноябрь (ну или большая его часть) впереди, и он тоже красив! Желаю тебе не менее насыщенного Ноября!

    1. Спасибо! Ноябрь тоже оказался богатым на события. 🙂 Отдельно план на ноябрь не составляла, потому что невыполненные пункты перенеслись на ноябрь. 🙂
      Желаю тебе тоже хорошего и красочного ноября! 🙂

  9. Если есть список дел — ты обязательно сделаешь больше чем без списка! Бегу писать свой 🙂

    1. Да! А ещё список дисциплинирует. 🙂


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