Finally I have time for lottery. The previous three days were in such a rush, that I physically couldn't make it. I wanted to be everything clear and open, so I made a video of the lottery.

Video is in three parts. I thank everyone who participated in the game!

Only those, who sent me the code-sentence "I want to participate in the game" on BLOGnote's e-mail, were taken into account. If someone for any reason forgot to do that - well, very sad, but be more attentive next time. Those who signed up for my blog but didn't send me the code-sentence, also did not participate. I looked through the incoming letters and marked those who fulfilled the condition.

Now let's move to the lottery. Below you can watch my greetings. Video is in Russian.

So who is the winner? Watch the video below and you will find it out. =)

The winner is Jekaterina Batirshina! My congratulations to the winner below.

Thank you everyone who participated! My congratulations to the winner! See you later! ;)

 P.S. Later I will show you the working process and the card.

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