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Hello, my name is Ilona! Welcome to my Scanner's BLOGnote, lifestyle blog about my different interests. :)

Why exactly Scanner's BLOGnote, you may ask. I explain you why. My entire life I've been moving from one activity to another. I like many different things and I want to experience something new all the time. At some point I started to feel myself very unhappy, that I cannot stop at something one and that life keeps kicking me from one point to another. I even started to envy those who can focus on one thing and be happy with it all their life.

I started to think:" Why am I so unlucky? Why can't I do only one thing and get some pleasure of it like all other normal people? One lifetime is not enough for me for all my interests and all possible scenarios!"

And suddenly, there came an answer. Once I read about a famous German writer and speaker Barbara Sher, who devided people into two groups: divers and scanners. Divers are the ones, who prefer to study something one but deeply whole lifetime. Unlike divers, scanners like to study and do many different things. When they fulfill their hunger in one area, they move to the next one, not willing to stop. And then I realized: this is it! That's me!

Enough of self-reproach, now I can take me as I am. I am a Scanner and that's it.

After I understood it, I started to feel myself so easily. That is when an idea came to me to use it as a foundation stone for my independent blog. Earlier I had a blog on a informational website about Finland, which were planned to be a blog about handicraft. But I am the scanner, I cannot write about something one. :) Therefore, all this scanner-thing put everything what I want to share with you, my dear readers, together and I sincerely hope you will enjoy here.

So, what do I write about? I write about handycraft, about my life in Finland, overviews of events I go to, also overviews of movies, books, boardgames, about travels, about everything what I care about and what may be useful for someone. 

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In the end, I'd like to tell you 10 facts about me:

Welcome any time! Keep in touch.

With best wishes,

Ilona M.