Where to begin

Hello! Welcome to my BLOGnote! Current page will serve you as a guide on my blog.

Scanner's BLOGnote is a lifestyle-blog about my numerous interests as well as about my life in Finland. You can read more about me here.

Posts are devided into sections. In section "Handicraft" you will find three groups:

  • Needlework - here you can see my works and MasterClasses and also take part in joint projects.
  • Scrapbooking - here you can grasp some inspiration and new ideas for scrapbooking, follow MasterClasses and take part in joint projects.
  • Other here you may see my works in other techniques, e.g. crochet.

In section "My Finland" you can read about my thoughts and visions about the country I live in, about events I attend, about things that surprise me.

In section "My thoughts" I write about what I care about, about meditation and also my memories. Thanks to this section, you'll have an opportunity to learn me a bit better.

In section "Traveler's notes" you may read about different countries and cities where I travel with my family, about places you can visit there and also lifehacks for the travellers.

I am a social butterfly, I enjoy having a conversation with reader, therefore, I will be very pleased to receive your comments and letters. Write me about your thoughts, ideas and advices on an e-mail ilona@blognote.fi. 

If you are interested in my blog and you wish to be the first one who finds out about events and all new and interesting projects, please sign up and confirm your subscription via e-mail.

Have a nice day and see you on BLOGnote!